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About the Photographer


A special thanks to photographer Molly Steinwald for allowing us to publish her images throughout this website. Click here to read more about Molly and her work.

Molly Steinwald

Molly earned her B.S. in Biology from the University of Dallas, an M.S. in Ecology from Purdue University, and attained Ph.D. candidate status in Biology at Miami University, conducting human-nature interactions research measuring people's mindfulness of mundane nature in the built environment.

Her pictures are mostly taken during walks with her children, en route between work and home, or for the specific purpose of documenting and communicating science to the public. Molly uses her photography in frequent public speaking engagements and photography educational and technical workshops for K-12 and university students, teachers, scientists, photographers, and the general public on topics ranging from communicating science and environmental issues to non-traditional audiences through the visual arts, heightening awareness and appreciation of the beauty and value of nature in the built environment, youth empowerment, and other topics.

Molly is passionate about fostering and measuring the effectiveness of environmental education through local, positive, participatory and cross-disciplinary manners, focusing on the beauty and importance of people living in harmony with nature in their everyday lives. Learn more about Molly Steinwald here.